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" Music is the language of the spirit.  It opens the secret of life bringing peace, abolishing strife."

-Kahlil Gibran

Therapeutic Harp and House Clearing Sessions

My guiding principle:

Everything is energy and frequency.  Every person has a unique vibration and resonance, a unique code of individuality through which the Infinite Source flows.  The purpose of life is to live in the joyful expression of who we are. The key to this joyful expression of ourselves and to health and happiness is to live in complete harmony with ourselves.


When we are in harmony, we are in tune, life flows, health and abundance flows, we feel authentic and aligned. Synchronistic opportunities come into our lives and we feel supported.  When we fall out of tune, discord, disease, stress, and blockages start to show in our lives more and more.  Life then becomes hard, challenging and difficult.​ 

Therapeutic Harp and Voice

Individual sessions

I call the sound harmonizing and healing work I do, "Soul Songs".  I create and play music in your unique key and resonance using modalities of music that are most beneficial to addressing your current challenges and desired manifestations, moving you from stressed to blessed.   


Harp music has been used since ancient times as a powerful tool for healing.  We see it referred to in Ancient cultures such as Ancient Egypt, India, Biblical times, in the Celtic and Druidic past and throughout Europe.  Often referred to as the instrument of the Angels and the connection between heaven and earth, harp music is especially healing and has been measured in its ability to reduce stress, stabilize the heart rate and breathing and reduce anxiety.  Therapeutic harp and voice can address all issues of the body, mind, soul, and spirit.  It can help us transcend fear, grief, and pain and is greatly beneficial in the case of trauma and post-traumatic stress. 


It has also been shown to entrain the brain waves helping us reach deeper levels of relaxation and meditation and brain wave patterns where we access our inspiration, insight and our true essence, our true nature, helping us to make breakthroughs and transformations where nothing else was able to reach before.

I work with you in 2 powerful ways either:

  1.  In-Person Experience

  2. Over the Phone or Internet

The following is the typical flow of a session:

  1. Identify resonance - Every person has their own resonant key.  Playing in the resonant key of each person brings them into harmony with themselves.  I will identify your unique resonant key and will use this key and specific modes of music that you currently need in your session. 

  2. Intuitive read - I will listen to the specific challenges that you are facing and I will give you an intuitive reading on them. Together we will identify where and what you need to break through and what you’d like to amp up and experience more of in your life. 

  3. I call in the Angels and create your unique "Soul Song" and play as you relax and allow the music to change your vibration and activate the shifts in your heart, mind, and body that you need at this time. 

  4. Your personal music will be recorded, and you will receive an MP3 for you to listen to at home so your healing process will go deeper through repetition.  It is embedded with the frequency of love and ease around your challenge or growth area. 




Cheryl's Sound and Energy Healing impacts not only your Physical, Mental, and Emotional states but also heals, harmonizes, and improves your relationships and financial well-being. 


  • Body pain

  • Stress

  • Multiple Illnesses

  • Cancer patients and those undergoing chemotherapy

  • Heart disease

  • Brain injuries

  • Recovering from accidents 

  • Vision problems

  • Hearing problems

  • PTSD

  • Trauma

  • Abuse

  • Insomnia

  • Pregnancy and Birth

  • Newborn and premature babies

  • Increased Vitality and Vibrant Health



  • Abuse

  • Trauma

  • Depression

  • Worry 

  • Anxiety

  • ADD and ADHD 

  • Lack of focus

  • For increased insight, focus, concentration, ability to study

  • Motivation and achieving goals

  • Increased inspiration, creativity, artistry and innovation



  • Stability

  • Financial Stress

  • Lack of abundance

  • Money drains

  • Gaining financial and business/career opportunities

  • Financial growth and increase

  • Business growth and increase



  • Newlywed Blessings

  • Releasing tension and strain

  • Harmonizing relationships in couples, families, and work

  • Attracting true love and the ideal partner

  • Heart healing

  • Heartaches and Heartbreaks

  • Divorce and breakups



  • Fears

  • Grief

  • Loss

  • Sadness

  • Stress

  • Phobias

  • Trauma

  • Sexual Abuse

  • PTSD

  • Anger

  • Increased Peace, Harmony, Love, Joy, Bliss and Happiness

Home & Office Clearing and Harmonizing

Sound healing and frequency is a very powerful tool in clearing a space and harmonizing the energy and flow in a home or office to create more health, abundance, money, love, and joy. 


In addition to energetically clearing the space, I am also a Certified Feng Shui Consultant and my home and office sound sessions can include a full Feng Shui Consultation at your request.


These sessions will mostly be done on-site.  I will do a full clearing and harmonizing of the home and office from:

  • The energy of past occupants 

  • Clearing and releasing any negative energy from past occurrences on the property

  • Harmonize geopathic stress lines

  • Harmonize the relationships of everyone in the home or office environment

  • Harmonize the space and harness the chi energy to create an increase in money, abundance, love, and harmony.

  • Bringing alignment to all relationships in family and work.

  • Improving vitality and vibrancy in health.

  • Increased connection to your spiritual power.

  • Amping up opportunities in your business and career, the flow of clients, and the ease and flow of work.


Typical Flow of a Home or Office Harmonizing Session


  1. I will do a full consultation with you about the challenges you have been experiencing and the desired goals you have.

  2. Do an intuitive reading of the space. 

  3. I will call in the Angels and will do a sage clearing and an energy clearing.

  4. I will find the resonant key of the family, home space, or the office.

  5. I will create and play music in this key using modalities of music that are needed for clearing and harmonizing the current conditions. 

  6. You will receive a recording of this music to continue to use in your space for harmonizing and transformation.

  7. If you have requested a full Feng Shui Consultation, this will be done following the sound and energy session.


Some of what past participants say about Cheryl’s sound healing sessions:

“The music was beautiful. I was transported into sweet peace and a deep connection with my life’s purpose.

“As soon as Cheryl began to play, I started to cry. The music was so moving. I immediately began to release.”

It was so healing. I felt bathed in healing vibrations of love from the harp the whole time.”

“…..the music was captivating, entrancing and wholly therapeutic. It felt like liquid vibrations were emanating from my soul as if Cheryl’s fingers were playing a song by plucking the strings of my ribs and spine.”

Cheryl is one of the most intuitive beings I have ever met. She really feels and reads the energy of the people and completely tunes in. The music she plays is so present and appropriate to the moment.”

Cheryl’s harp reading was so much more than I ever expected!. Her music was captivating, entrancing and wholly therapeutic. I was taken on a virtual journey through sound, and the most amazing part was that the music was entirely personal and unique. Her personality and presence match perfectly with her soothing music and she knows how to make the reading a truly special experience. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a bit of peace and relaxation…the best part is that she even makes a MP3 for you to be able to experience it whenever you wish. Praises for Cheryl Angela!

Jon C

La Jolla

Today I was so blessed to receive a healing from Cheryl Angela. It was like coming home for me. Cheryl is such a gifted and gentle soul and used her Therapeutic Harp therapy as well as her own intuitive and healing gifts to determine my resonant tone. This just made such perfect sense to me as we all have a unique vibration and frequency that we emit. When our resonance is no longer coherent, it causes all sorts of detrimental issues on all levels that can lead to disease. I just really resonated with this type of healing – my body literally was buzzing and my heart just felt so full.

Cheryl’s insights were so accurate in terms of my resonate tone or key. These keys also correspond to a chakra. With that, Cheryl knew where my gifts lay and what they were and what issues I was having in which chakra. Cheryl described me perfectly. Then the most amazing thing happens. Cheryl channels this most beautiful music on her harp in that key to match your tone and frequency and that then shifts you into a more harmonious & higher vibration. But that’s not all. Whichever energies ( angels, elementals, animals, etc) come through to Cheryl whilst she is channeling also get encoded into your music. From the energies that came in to assist she is then able to tell you your power animals and what these energies are trying to assist you with. The music is recorded and then sent to you so you can keep working with it.

I also had an insight whilst receiving the music as to why I kept being blocked from getting to my cello lessons – it’s overall resonance is not a match with my resonate tone. I remembered back to what my life felt like when I started cello and it didn’t feel as positive or joyful as it does now, so I believe my emotions affected my vibration and choice of instrument. I asked Cheryl about my choice of the cello and she confirmed the key that it resonates in from her observations and then told me which instrument would resonate with me.


Cheryl is so positive and empowering and leaves you feeling uplifted and shifted. Music and sound are truly my medicine. If this RESONATES for you I highly recommend Cheryl and her unique healing style and gifts.

Tracey Bartolo

Melbourne, Australia

Cheryl is an incredibly gifted harpist, she plays from the heart and soul and that is truly apparent. She is such a beautiful woman that even to be around her brings peace and joy to your heart. I had a private harp session with Cheryl and it was such a magical experience. I went on a soul journey with the music that brought great peace and clarity. It’s amazing that she is divinely guided as to what your personal key is and plays your own song and the music of your soul. It is so healing and freeing to hear your spirit come through on this beautiful harp and song. After the session, Cheryl gave me a CD of my music and I love to listen to it while driving or falling asleep. I am so grateful to her and the amazing work she does in this world.”

Feng Shui Consultant and Yoga Instructor

Song of Yoga

As a massage therapist and reiki master being in tune with my clients is critical to the healing process, and the harp music CD that you created for my work truly enhances my sessions. The massage and energy work experience becomes more powerful because of the added vibrational healing qualities of your incredibly beautiful harp music. Thank you for your gift of music that is more than an incredibly gifted harpist, she plays from the heart and soul and that is truly apparent. '

Melvin Cummins, C.M.T.,

Reiki Master

“Our one-year-old dog Camo was just having a bit of a meltdown, it has been a hot day, he was tired, and for some reason, he can’t deal with me being at my computer. Camo was whining, pawing me teething on my hand. I played your Root Chakra track and he stopped pawing and eventually turned around with his back towards me (which I have learned is the non-verbal communication animals use to calm themselves). then he just laid down. Within 5 minutes he was sound asleep. Thank you, Cheryl! Your music makes a difference.”

Charmaine Hammond

Professional Speaker, Author and Radio Host

“I appreciate a natural way to clear my mind and soothe my nervous system. To ensure restorative sleep, I love to listen to Cheryl Angela’s exquisite harp music before I fall asleep. Because Cheryl Angela is divinely guided to play in a key and in a mode that is specific to me and calms me.  Her music soothes my soul like no other music.”  Cathy, Attorney in Los Angeless 

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