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A Sacred Journey

Transforming your chakras

“Our one-year-old dog Camo was just having a bit of a meltdown, it has been a hot day, he was tired, and for some reason, he can’t deal with me being at my computer. Camo was whining, pawing me teething on my hand. I played your Root Chakra track and he stopped pawing and eventually turned around with his back towards me (which I have learned is the non-verbal communication animals use to calm themselves). then he just laid down. Within 5 minutes he was sound asleep. Thank you, Cheryl! Your music makes a difference.”

Charmaine Hammond

Professional Speaker, Author and Radio Host

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Coming home to Love

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Bringing you into the frequency of love and harmony

“I appreciate a natural way to clear my mind and soothe my nervous system. To ensure restorative sleep, I love to listen to Cheryl Angela’s exquisite harp music before I fall asleep. Because Cheryl Angela is divinely guided to play in a key and in a mode that is specific to me and calms me.  Her music soothes my soul like no other music.”


Attorney, Los Angeles

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