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Welcome To My Home

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Welcome to my website! I am truly honored by your presence and connection with me.


Life is a journey of self discovery and evolution wherein we have the opportunity to unfold our gifts, explore our passions, our unlimited possibilities and live in the JOY of expressing our purpose through contribution.


This is the path to which I have dedicated my life and I am here as a sister in the journey to assist YOU in living your most joyful life of self expression and contribution.


I believe in YOU!!  I see YOU!! I see the greatness in you and how that greatness is just longing to be set free and create not only the life of your dreams but BE the light for others. YOU are the superhero the world needs!

ARE You Ready to Unleash your SuperPowers?

You know you’re here to make a difference, you know you have a unique purpose, you want to create a life of abundance, and you want to leave a legacy, but you run up against these challenges:


  • Unclear what your purpose is, and how to really tap your genius and superpowers

  • Feel blocked by limiting beliefs, past traumas, fears, sadness, pain, lack of genuine confidence, revolving negative patterns and habits

  • Having some level of success, but feeling disconnected from your soul/spirit

  • Overworked & stressed

  • Lack of time, money, resources to achieve your goals

  • Need further clarity and confidence in honing in on your unique message

  • Difficulty balancing relationships, health, work, and play

  • Loneliness & isolation without feeling supported

  • Fear to follow & trust your intuition

  • Not aware of the why, what, who, when, where, how in the context of what you do

  • Limited team flow or performance

  • You have a big vision, but lack a clear roadmap

  • Struggling to create the level of impact and legacy you want to leave behind


I totally get it. I too have experienced many of these challenges in my journey.  Through really truly aligning with my true inner being and transforming my own energy and frequency, I have been able to follow my flow, my joy, and tap my own superpowers.  Today, I am blessed to work with celebrities, global leaders across many fields, impact entrepreneurs, changemakers, healers, humanitarians and philanthropists, helping them break through these obstacles so they access their superpowers, evolve and flow in harmony with life, and leave their unique signature and legacy.


My clients have named me "The Superpowers Catalyst" because this is one of my gifts: seeing the unique gifts in others, igniting and catalyzing those gifts so they can become fully expressed as a “superpower”. I am here to remind you, champion and nurture that in you and to help you to prosper in your superpower.


I was born as what is often called an empath and an intuitive.  I was very sensitive. I felt what others were feeling and thinking, I was aware of life beyond the physical dimension, I saw things in advance of them occurring and I had a direct communication with Spirit. It was both wonderful and challenging to be this sensitive and not always easy to be “different”. There were times I wanted to pull away from my own gift, but seeing the suffering of others always called me back to my path.  You see, our path really chooses us. We will never be truly happy as long as we resist our calling and our purpose. And our gifts are given to us so that we can not only experience them but shine our light and share those gifts with others. When we do, life is a continuous joy!


I understand your gifts and the challenges along the way.  I, myself, have navigated through many challenges including multiple leaps of faith, divorce, being a single parent, building a business while juggling being a single parent, illness, loss, financial setbacks, a couple of near death experiences. These experiences have also been great blessings for they have helped me to dig in deep to the truth, do the deep and necessary work of transformation, reprogram limiting beliefs and emotional content.  They have given me more strength, compassion and understanding.  


At age 5, my older brother had to undergo open heart surgery. It required many trips to specialists and a children's hospital. While he was there, I witnessed children my age and younger suffering with various illnesses, such as cancer, leukemia and more. I loved interacting with them and I felt their pain both of the illness and having to be separated and in the the hospital.  I wished that I could take their pain and suffering away.


At this young age, I was sparked by a burning desire to know the meaning of life and how to be instrumental in easing the suffering in the world.

Following My Inner GPS

This desire led to me discovering and developing a natural gift for healing in my early teens and I began to use this to help people and animals.


I avidly studied the world’s spiritual philosophies, yoga, meditation, healing modalities. I sought out great spiritual teachers, mentors, and personal development teachers.  I kept honing my intuitive abilities. I also pursued my passion for music, the arts and everything that enriches consciousness with love and beauty.

My quest led me to leave my homelands of England

and Ireland and move to the United States.  I became certified in a number of healing

modalities such as reiki, theta, high frequency energy healing and therapeutic harp and music. I taught and worked with youth as a Montessori and Reggio Emilia teacher.  I served inside of numerous causes and non-profits.  I performed in musical theatre, opera, bands, weddings, workshops, and all kinds of events and concerts. I studied with some of the most reknowned harpists, recording artists and healers. 


For the past 12 years, I have led sound healing journeys and transformational workshops for my own events and others, most notably as the regular healing harpist for the events of Deepak Chopra and Lisa Nichols.  I have released 3 full albums of my own, numerous collaborations with others on audio, DVD and film soundtracks.  


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As I continued to work with people with healing, transformation and healing music, it became apparent that:

  • Communicating my intuitive guidance was helping my clients find clarity and take empowered action in their personal and business lives. Through energy healing I was helping them release obstacles and access their superpowers.  Thus coaching and healing became a very powerful combination.


  • I trained with some of the top coaches, personal development, business and entrepreneurial mentors in the world.  I also worked with a number of them on their teams coaching their clients.  I came to realize the incredible role businesses, entrepreneurs, innovators, influencers, artists and those in the entertainment industry can play in transforming the world.  This is why I am so passionate in working with these clients to help them shine brighter and thereby illuminate their industries and avenues of expression.

Ready To ACTIVATE Your SuperPowers?

Driven by my core purpose to decrease suffering and increase love, peace, enlightenment, and prosperity in the world, I’m committed to work with you to:​

   ✓  Increase your confidence, sense of purpose, and activate your superpowers

   ✓  Grow your impact & influence

   ✓  Overcome your fears, release past trauma, and reshape the stories you                   tell yourself

   ✓  Navigate life from a point of connection, pure love and joy

   ✓  Increase your profitability, time abundance, and resources

   ✓  Expand your relationships, partnerships & amazing collaborations

   ✓  Re-energize and support you as a mentor

   ✓  Connect you with your superpower tribe of Xtraordinary individuals

   ✓  Develop a world-class, high performance team

   ✓  Roadmap your big vision

   ✓  Leave your enduring legacy on the world

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