Group Sound Healing

What is Sound and Energy Healing?



Why Now?

Sound Healing is important at any time, but with our communities, cuntry and the world seeming dropping into more pain, suffering, and chaos, we need more assistance in staying in our hearts, seeing the good in our lives, and putting all of our energy, foucs, words, thoughts, and prayers towards the world we want to live in.

Joining together helps us focus on what we want to bring into our lives rather than fighting what is currently around us.

  • Covid

  • Fear, 

  • Riots

Joining together helps us focus on what we want to bring into our lives rather than fighting what is currently around us.

Some of what past participants say about Cheryl’s sound healing sessions:

“The music was beautiful. I was transported into sweet peace and a deep connection with my life’s purpose.

“As soon as Cheryl began to play, I started to cry. The music was so moving. I immediately began to release.”

It was so healing. I felt bathed in healing vibrations of love from the harp the whole time.”

“…..the music was captivating, entrancing and wholly therapeutic. It felt like liquid vibrations were emanating from my soul as if Cheryl’s fingers were playing a song by plucking the strings of my ribs and spine.”

Cheryl is one of the most intuitive beings I have ever met. She really feels and reads the energy of the people and completely tunes in. The music she plays is so present and appropriate to the moment.”


Catalyst for Peace



You will receive an email with the password-protected zoom link for you to join Cheryl live for the Sound Healing. 

And you will receive a link to the replay to listen to at anytime.

Special Pricing $33

Why Group Sound Healing works?

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Cheryl Angela “The Superpower Catalyst” is a world renowned coach, healer, and award winning musician whose many mediums have touched thousands of lives around the world. Cheryl works with impact entrepreneurs, business leaders, global changemakers, creatives and philanthropists to access their superpowers and create the best version of themselves.  Cheryl's music has touched and transformed tens of thousands of lives with its peace, beauty and angelic healing vibrations. Join her email list for exclusive updates and new content!

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