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Lisa Nichols, the Breakthrough Specialist, featured in “The Secret”, author and founder of Motivating the Teen Spirit.


”Cheryl’s music is the most beautiful music I have ever heard. I am so grateful to have her playing live at my events.” Lisa Nichols

Robert McGuiness | Founder & CEO, Soul Venture

“I've launched 3 profitable businesses in 2 years since working with Cheryl.”

Tia Ross |

Founder & CEO, 

Tia Ross & Co.

"I learned how to take my high creativity, unique genius, and monetize it."

Monique Barszcz |

Chief of Staff, Hyperwallet

“The transformation that has taken place in my life and soul is truly amazing.” 


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WHo Cheryl's Worked with

Cheryl Angela “The Superpower Catalyst” is a world renowned coach, healer, and award winning musician whose many mediums have touched thousands of lives around the world. Cheryl works with impact entrepreneurs, business leaders, global changemakers, creatives and philanthropists to access their superpowers and create the best version of themselves.  Cheryl's music has touched and transformed tens of thousands of lives with its peace, beauty and angelic healing vibrations. Join her email list for exclusive updates and new content!

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